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Home Earn From Social Site Social Media Networks that Pay you Money

Social Media Networks that Pay you Money

You are probably familiar with some of the more commonly discussed social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get paid to use social media?


Did you know that there are social networks that pay you?

Yes there are some social networks that pay you money!

These 5 great social media sites provide you with a nice make money from home opportunity. Here are a few that you might be interested in: (We also have a brand new Bonus social media site that pays you listed at the bottom of this post)

5 Social Media Networks that Pay you Money


1) is an open source social networking site where you can earn cash by liking posts, commenting, adding content and referring people to sign up to the website. You can also earn cryptocurrency from the site if people start supporting you if you post useful and interesting posts. You will get rewarded with Minds Tokens. The Minds tokens are running on Ethereum.

Minds is a blockchain supported website that is built in the premise of promoting free speech. It is a place for radicals to post their opinions. Minds is free to sign up to and get your content posted. You can upgrade for a fee to have an advertisement free experience.

If you like sharing pictures of cute animals and want to get paid for it, Minds is a great place to start!

Click here to join today for free



2) Xomba

Xomba is a combination of an article submission site, social networking site and social bookmarking site.  Xomba is powered by your existing AdSense account. If you do not already have an AdSense account Xomba provides help for you to apply for one. Users may submit articles (minimum word count 150) or submit bookmarks (minimum word count 50) to share with other Xomba users.


Earnings at Xomba are based on page views which accrue to your AdSense account.  Content on the site is completely user generated and may include not only links but photographs, video and other media. Users are also free to include Amazon and EBay affiliate links in their content, though outright sales pages are prohibited. As with other social media sites, the more your participate, the more your popularity grows.

This site is easily one of the best social networks that pay you cash and is highly recommended.



3) RedGage

Unlike Xomba and SheToldMe, RedGage does not pay directly to your AdSense account. RedGage encourages users to not only submit bookmarks they allow you to sort them, categorize them and encourage you to promote them through other avenues.  RedGage payments are accumulated in your RedGage account and once the account balance of $25 is reached, users are issued a RedGage Debit card.


Users are encouraged to submit bookmarks to other sites, blog posts and their work from sites like HubPages and Squidoo. Additional earning opportunities exist through being selected to be featured, submitting photographs, writing direct blog posts to RedGage and through daily contests.



4) Bitlanders

Bitlanders has stood the test of time and is an enjoyable gamified social media website where you get to connect with new people and play games. Users will get rewarded for actions that they take on the website. The more you participate, the more money that you will make.

Check out

As mentioned, the more you interact on the site, the more bitmiles you will earn and these bitmiles can be converted into cash.

You will also earn more bitmiles when you refer people to the network.

Overall this is a good website to sign up to for free. It has stood the test of time, when other similar websites have disappeared. If you are looking for a social network to make friends and as an added bonus pay you, then certainly try it.

We have recently added this website to our list as no longer pays its users and has become a TV and streaming website. Bitlanders is certainly one of those social networks that pay you websites that you should try.



5) is a social networking site that pays money by PayPal. They advertise their social networking site as the most rewarding site between the social networking sites. It is up to you to decide if it is true or not. It depends of which activities you spend online. This site pays really good money if you join with picture ($5.00) but no money if you don’t upload a picture.

My Page5 pays also 4c for new blog postings but it is not allowed to make links to other blogs, 1c for a comment, 2 c for uploading of a video, 1c for a comment of a video, 1c for starting a group discussion, 1c for a comment of a group discussion, 15% of the daily earnings from the friends you’ve invited, 1c for profile comment, 1c for uploading a picture to an album, 1c for a picture comment, 2c for a 15 minute chat.

There are different ways to make money in but it is important to know that for some comments you only be credited for a limited quantity of comments, for example max 10 profile comments each day, three picture comments. Uploading of pictures to an album is limited to 400.

There are countless opportunities to increase online earnings. These are just a few of the social networks that pay you money for submitting links to your existing content. None of these sites will substitute for high quality work that pays consistently, however they can each add to your online earnings potential.

Be careful with social network paying websites as they can go offline very easily. Most are MLM scams, however those listed above have been around for a while and seem to be legit.

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